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6th Annual Meeting of the IEEE Standard Coordinating Committee 41 (SCC41)

co-located with IEEE DySPAN 2008

Saturday Oct. 11 - Monday Oct. 13, 2008 / Knickerbocker Hotel

Click hereto view a copy of the Meeting Schedule.  

The IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 41 (Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks) (SCC41) is holding its Sixth General Meeting at the Knickerbocker Hotel on Oct 11-13 immediately preceding DySPAN.  The agenda for the SCC41 meeting is below.  Folks interested in attending the SCC41 meeting will find more information at  http://www.scc41.org/.


Registration for the (SCC41) meeting and paying of meeting fees ($500) are required for attending and are separate from the DySPAN conference.

The active working groups that will be meeting at the SCC41 Sixth General Meeting at the Knickerbocker Hotel are:
- IEEE 1900.3: Standard for Assessing the Spectrum Access Behavior of Radio Systems Employing Dynamic Spectrum Access Methods
- IEEE 1900.4: Standard for Architectural building blocks enabling network-device distributed decision making for optimized radio resource usage in heterogeneous wireless access networks
- IEEE 1900.5: Standard on Policy Language and Policy Architectures for Managing Cognitive Radio for Dynamic Spectrum Access Applications
- IEEE 1900.6: Standard on Interfaces and Data structures for exchanging spectrum sensing information for Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems