Co-Technical Sponsors


    Greetings from the DySPAN 2008 Policy Program Co-Chairs

     The growth of wireless services of all types necessitates transitioning to a future in which spectrum is shared much more intensively than is possible today. This is the challenge that Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) technologies seek to address. The successful commercialization of DSA technologies such as cognitive radio has the potential to remap the global wireless ecosystem, promising expanded capabilities and opportunities for all stakeholders. New products and services, new business/service models, and new spectrum management frameworks are needed to safely accommodate DSA into the wireless landscape.
     The DySPAN conference offers a unique opportunity and forum for addressing the inherently multidisciplinary research challenge of commercializing DSA. In this conference, the IEEE research community is actively engaging non-engineers to address the important business and policy issues that are integral to further progress in the commercialization of next generation wireless systems. Since the first DySPAN in 2005, substantial progress has been made from research concepts to prototype demonstrations to early commercialization efforts. The policy program chairs and committee are proud to once again have the opportunity to help promote and present relevant policy/economic research to help bridge the disciplinary divides, offering technically-informed policy perspectives and policy-aware commentary on technical issues. With panels on such topics as the white space access in the TV bands and research sessions on the regulatory agenda for DSA policy and the use of DSA by the public safety community, we have sought to present a sampling of the many business/economic/public policy issues that need to be addressed.
     As policy co-chairs representing the multidisciplinary flavor of the conference, we would like to thank the IEEE, our colleagues on the DySPAN organizing committees, our corporate sponsors, and all of the participants who will be joining us in Chicago for providing a forum for building a global cross-disciplinary research community.

          Bill Lehr (economist)                         Steve Sharkey (engineer)               Julius Knapp (engineer)