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About DySPAN
The International Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySPAN) symposium has emerged as the preeminent event to gather international economists, engineers, network architects, researchers and academic scholars together to share cutting edge research on and demonstrations of emerging wireless technology.   Since the original DySPAN symposium in 2005, the DySPAN community has had a major influence on policy and technology research and development in the United States, Europe and Asia.  The symposium excels in the quality of papers, discourse, and vision.  Please join us for DySPAN 2008 in Chicago, October 14-17.

DySPAN Vision
The vision of DySPAN 2008 is to expand collective understanding of complex next-generation wireless systems focused on using RF spectrum more efficiently and dynamically.   This includes advancing both cutting edge technical and multidisciplinary research as well as practical experience related to building a healthy industry/regulatory ecosystem for the commercialization of smart radio system technologies.

The IEEE DySPAN-05 conference provided an outstanding forum for a discussion of all aspects of devices and networks that utilized spectrum on a dynamic basis, rather than under central control. DySPAN-07 built on this success and extended the established global forum for dynamic spectrum access. 

As networks and devices increasingly gain intelligence and "cognitive" capabilities, and as regulators around the world seek to enhance spectrum utilization through exploiting areas such as "white spaces", dynamic decentralized access is becoming one of the most important, but most complex topics in wireless communications development.   DySPAN 2008 will continue investigation of decentralized spectrum access and focus on approaches for highly scalable dynamic optimization of wireless spectrum use.